Life and My Wife Have Put MY PCa in Perspective

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I know that this is a Prostate Cancer forum. It is here for those of us that are diagnosed to seek answers to our many questions and to seek support from those that have traveled this path before us.

It is because of this tremendous outpouring of support that I have received from you here that I feel the need to update you on the turns that my life has taken in the last 24 hours.

Earlier this evening I updated my status after finding out that at the 30 day (.4) and 7 1/2 week (.53) my PSA tests had failed to reach zero. I mentioned that I felt that I may have set a record for the quickest to go from surgery to radiation at just eight weeks.

I wrote the post from the hospital where I had taken my wife because of symptoms that were not unlike those she had exhibited before when she had a TIA (mini-stroke) while doing battle with her own cancer. Many of you know that I had to plan my dealings with PCa around those battles she was fighting this summer.

I do not in any way, shape or form trivialize or minimize my PCa or PCa in general. But the truth is that my battle with PCa absolutely pales in comparison to the battles my wife has fought and now must fight again.

Tests, CT Scans, MRIs and so on, conducted this evening, have revealed the presence of a lesion on the brain stem of my wife. It is this lesion that has been the source of her pain and symptoms. No doubt that this lesion is a result of her Multiple Myeloma cancer.

She has been admitted to the hospital and we will meet with a consultative groups of doctors in the morning to discus the options and how to address this. It would appear that surgery is not an option, which leaves some form or manner of radiation and/or chemo therapy.

We do not have the details yet, but can only surmise that this will be a tricky and very complex problem to attack.

So my friends, my brothers and my sisters, once again I place my dealings with PCa on hold. I cannot contemplate meeting with my own doctors to begin any form of treatment until my wife and I fight together the battle that she faces.

I know that there have been discussions and disagreements of late on the power of prayer, other beliefs and the manner that we all have as individuals to support our fellow man.

So I am asking you in whatever way is yours individually, to shower my wife with your support as she faces her own battles.

Mine can wait. They must wait. For without her at my side, my battles are meaningless.

I have told all of you here countless times, that I could not have made my journey alone and without you at my side and your support.

Once again I need your support.

Thank your my brother and sisters for being here for me.



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    Sorry to hear
    of the double whammy you have been dealt. As you might remember from my posts, I too had Hi PSA (.3) 1 month post Davinci. After 4 months it was .7. I now am in my 2nd week of IMRT radiation in Ocala,Fl.

    I can't imagine how painful it must be to see the love of your life so ill.....but I will keep you in my prayers as I'm sure many others will also.

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    As always will be

    As always will be praying for you and your wife. Best wishes. Is there an address I could send a get well card to? If you prefer email it to

    Larry in TN
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    lewvino said:

    As always will be

    As always will be praying for you and your wife. Best wishes. Is there an address I could send a get well card to? If you prefer email it to

    Larry in TN

    Here's wishing all

    Here's wishing all the best to two lovely brave people,
    Mike x
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    From our house to yours

    Rest assured you and your wife are in our prayers. Hang in there!

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    So disappointed to hear the news of your wife
    I am a newbie here and have read most every post on this board including all of yours. I know EVERYONE on here is sending positive energy to your wife to fight her latest development. Godspeed for the doctors finding a solution to fix and cure your wife's latest obstacle.

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    We and society have assigned men as the the defenders and protectors of our loved ones. I know the horribly helpless feeling when one of them have something we cannot defend or fix.

    Keep in mind that your wife and family still need you as she fights and when she beats this thing so you cannot completely back-burner your own health care. Do not let the same malady take both of you out. Take care of yourself also.