Back to school help

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Well as u know- Zak has finished chemo- and will actually go for a scan on Tuesday- then go for radiation simulation on Thursday and then will start radiation on Nov 16th and will be done on Dec 4th- so all looks OK- but there is one glitch are u ready for this

As u know school(Binghamton University) STARTS January 24th- BUT registration was 11/06/2009 for his classes- BUT when he went online to register they say he is still on medical HOLD- why - because his therapy is NOT COMPLETE(even though the doctors say he can return b y the time schhol begins and as of now he is in remission and over 80% cured)- so the Oncologist and the social worker both called and explained his medical condition is based on NOW and that all he needs to do is REGISTER- and that he is not returning until January- this a-hole said we cannot change policy- and the oncologist and social worker even called the medical director of Binghamton and he was actually rude to the doctor- so the oncologist got the head of oncology to get involved- a Dr. Jeffrey Lipton(from Schneiders Childrens Hosptal In new Hyde Park,NY)- and each time he called the medical director was not available and has never returned any of his phone calls. So my wife decided against her better judgement to call today and she spoke with the administrator who works for and alongside the medical director and she kept saying that it is policy that he remains on medical hold till after therapy- so we said BY THAT TIME he will be closed out of all his classes- how is that fair- why not let him register NOW being that he is NOTB RETURNING UNTIL JANUARY which will be 6 weeks AFTER HIS TOTAL TREATMENT is over.She said NO- so my wife ended the conversation very elegantly by saying that she is very disapointed with her as an administrator and as a mother and as a humanitarian. So to end all things-- we are now getting her brother-in-law involved - he is a lawyer and I might add an amazing person- he is the kind of man that reads Time magazine and absorbs information like a black hole- he is amazing-- As for me- I am crazy with fury- I do not show my son- he seems OK so far- but it annoys me that my son has to have this stress at such a uneasy time- that these IDIOTS cannot see between the lines and see the gray areas here-all they see is black and white-They have kept mentioning in their e-mail responses that the flu epidemic is bad and that has them unsure as well- YET we AND the oncologists have told them that he IS AND HAS BEEN vaccinated for BOTH flu and the H1N1- and still that is not good enough for them- all the oncologists said that their arguments hold no water- yet they will not bend. I am so angry- if I had my way- I would drive to Binghamton this weekend and do damage to this Idiots kneecaps. I am so angry- So that is where we stand- and also the oncologist said she will check Zaks immunologic titers to see if he needs any other immune shots before returning to school.
I have been posting my woes on other sites BUT I am hoping that someone has some form of help for me- I was told to write to my congressman and senator and even try going to the press. I am hoping though that my brother -in- law can legally do what needs to be done. I implore you people to listen to what I have said here-- my son is doing wonderfully-thank god-- and he has been basing his recovery on returning to the dorms with the friends he has made during his first year at college and now they are holding him bak from registering for his next semester.One more thought- I want you to realize-- remember he was diagnosed in August of 2009 and was already registered for school and had his tuition already paid. When he was diagnosed - we made a few phone calls and they put him on medical leave..Now that he is in remission and wanting to return with all the proper documentation from the oncologists etc etc- they are not letting him register till after his treatment is complete--- but that will be too late to get the classes he so desires to meet his requirements. How unfair is that.I reall hope that someone here has some further suggestions that could help here.I anxiously await your replies. Thanks and may god bless you all.