Monday Jest

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The inmates meet at an Old Peoples' Home... One female the other Male, they are both octegenarians... The Old Guy offers to take the Old Lady out on a boat trip next weekend, she accepts and is really looking forward to the outing.
The BIG day arrives and the old lady appears with a Picnic hamper, Iced tea in a flask, deck shoes and a floppy hat.

They set off down the river and they come to a fork...the old man asks "Up or Down?"...the old lady thinks about it for a couple of seconds and leaps forward, ripping off his clothes (and hers) and.....well you know...

Anyway they recover from this incident and start off along the river again...Again they encounter a fork... the old man asks the same question... "Up or Down?" the lady responds in the same way.........Now the old man is really confused.

This happens 3 more times along the river within the next hour. The old man is starting to get a bit scared, so he suggests they call it a day and he takes them both back to their repective residences.

A few days later he encounters the lady again and decides to be brave... "Hey what happened out there on the river?"

She looks confused and asks what he is talking about... He told her about the question of 'Up or Down' at each junction and she looked MORTIFIED!

"I wish I had worn my hearing aid...........I thought you said F*** or Drown!"


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    That's a good one. I still say she had more fun WITHOUT the hearing aid!!