Good Luck Tomorrow, WhoKnows!

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The anticipation is often worse than the event. I am sending my thoughts and prayers with you for tomorrow that all goes smoothly. I will be checking the boards to see how you did!



  • Whoknowz
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    What a sweetie!
    Thanks so much, Lori! These boards are helping a lot -- there's nothing like first hand information. It also reinforces that we all react differently which helps me distance from the horror stories. Part of my problem with this psychologically is that my husband had three bouts with head and neck cancer before losing the fight, and I remember how tough it was. I know the situations are completely different. I just have to retrain my brain to focus on my evolving experience rather than what it remembers.

    I like the PacMan imagery that someone posted about. If I can switch my mental image to that it'll go much better. Attitude and beliefs are so important!

    Thanks again for the comfort -- I'll let you know how it goes