Rads question, or is it a femara one?

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Hey, y'all! Hope today finds you in good spirits.

I have a rads question. I have had eleven treatments so far: the area treated extends from the mid chest in front to mid spine in back. (I get seven days to one area, then five to the back, and so on until all 37 are done.) After my ninth treatment, my entire body quite suddenly started to ache. Tylenol helped. Next morning, it wasn't bad. But the next afternoon, BAM. Could this be the effect of radiation or a late SE of Femara setting in? (Been on Femara for six months.) I thought SE's of radiation were limited to the area being treated, so I don't understand the effect on my entire body. I intend to ask the rad onc next time I am scheduled to see him, but this question is inexplicitly driving me nuts! Thanks!


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    Doubt it is rads
    I don't know Arbojenn. Be sure and tell your rads oncologist about it Monday or the tech and don't wait for an appt. I had rads for 7 weeks, but, I have never heard of the treatment you are having. I only had rads to my front where the tumor was. I doubt it is rads doing it and from what I have read on here, Femara can cause the body aches. Good luck!