Guided Visualization & music to assist during Chemo

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I am a survivor/thriver and produced an audio CD with guided imagery and instrumental music. After recovery I felt the need to make something useful. Would like to get it into as many ears of women in the process.
I was so fearful at first...had to take xanax just to get thru the door for chemo. I used meditations, healing Chi Kung and more to help me get through this rough period of time. (Did I mention I was going through a separation/divorce simultaneously?)
The music is gentle and the last is named Metamorphosis...signifying the rebirth after all the treatments are over.

Looking for a way to connect with oncology units. This CD will be available shortly on iTunes, and my
I've played for some hospitals and The Wellness Community in Miami. Looking for connection in the Berkshires now.


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    I live in CT and have contacts in the Berkshires..
    I didn't have chemo but use guided imagery to control stress and promote healing. What can I do to help you.