wondering if anyone is from ohio

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new to this and i was hoping to find someone from ohio. i had lumpectomy, 2 more treatments and then the fun begins with radition 6 wk. my last chemo is dec 8 and wondering how soon radtition begins. i have done well no side effects. shaved my head and never had any thoughts about it. i doctor at riverside hospital and ohio breast health is top notch. i have never felt so loved and when you go thru something like this it makes it a lot easier. i will never froget what my surgeron said, he said the cards are dealth and how you choose to deal them is up to you. well i will tell you this hair grows back, and i have saved a bunch on shampoo!!! LOL


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    Hi,I am a Ohio Buckeye.I have finished my Chemo and start radiation next week.I lost my hair a month ago.I hated it at first .But it will be back one day.Welcome to the boards.Good Luck.(Pat).
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    Hi Vickie! I am not from Ohio and I just finished rads a couple of weeks ago. I mainly just want to welcome you to the board. You will find lots of support here!

    Sue :)
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    Hi Kickievickie. You will
    Hi Kickievickie. You will find a wealth of knowledge from all these caring people. I'm originally from Cleveland, Ohio also lived in Columbus, but now live in Florida. Most of my relatives are still in Ohio. I completed my 2nd round of chemo on 10/27. I have much more treatment ahead of me. As said so many times on these boards, welcome to the club you never wanted to join. Welcome to the discussion boards Buckeye Girl.
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    Welcome, Kickivickie. I
    Welcome, Kickivickie. I finished my chemo on October 15th and just started radiation yesterday. I believe the rule of thumb is 3-4 weeks, at least with my oncologist. Good luck with rads, we'll go through it together. There are several other ladies about to start with us.