Saw doctor for check up today-good report

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My oncologist checked my tumors today and says they seem to have disappeared. They've shrunk to nothing. I'm very relieved but don't want to get too happy about it. He says 25% of women will have tumors that will do this. Has anyone else had this happen?


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    Congratulations! Mine didn't
    Congratulations! Mine didn't do that because they were huge. I had 4 cycles of chemo A/C before surgery. I was a stage 3a. After surgery I was downsized to stage 2. So I had to have 4 more cycles of Taxotere. Then 6 weeks of radiation.

    What is next, did he say?
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    I still have to go through
    I still have to go through all chemo treatments, another biopsy, lumpectomy to remove affected areas, more chemo, then radiation.