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In November, 2008, my prothedontist noticed a sore under my tongue during an implant checkup. It wasn't there in March, 08 and wouldn't go away. Had a biopsy Nov 12. Diagnosis: Carcinoma In Situ. Operated on at OU (OKlahoma Univ) Health Sciences Center December 28, 2008. Laser only, no radiation, no chemo. Released same day.

Recovered quickly. Attended checkups dilligently. On Oct. 30 checkup (this past Friday) my surgeon found enlarged lymph node (or nodes? Two syringe samples and test later, I was advised surgery is necessary. This seems to be getting serious.

I have the surgery order.

Surgery Procedure: "Modified radical neck disssection: right cervical lymphodectomy.

Diagnosis: Floor of mouth cancer. Head and neck soft tissue.

Time req'd: 2 Hours

Anesthesia Type: General

The good doctor advised me of a 1 to 3 day stay and "5 days of radiation."

I'm 64, active and alert, still working part time. I'm sure after reading your comments to others and doing direct research on the web that all cancers are different. However, I know nothing about the human and emotional side of all this. My younger wife is scared and has only me to confide in.

If anyone has any advice or information to share with us, we'ed be really grateful. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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    You are right to be concerned, cancer is serious business. However, you have a number of things in your favor: it sounds like you caught it early, your treatment plan includes only 5 radiation sessions (most of us had around 35) and this may indicate substantially less carcinoma, you have your wife at your side to help you get through this and you're going to OU Health Sciences (an excellent hospital). It won't be anytime at all and you'll be back to good health (and that's what I wish you). Rich