My RAD update: 17 down, 9 to go

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Well I am more than half way through! At this point I have a pretty good tan under my arm and on the outer side of the breast! The 3 incision scars are bright red and I have a very itchy rash around the top and clevage area. Didn't expect that. It feels like I have something stabbing me where the brachy catheter used to be. I also feel some pain where the tumor cavity is. Last week the Dr said that is fluid that they will have to draw out with a needle. I wasn't experiencing the stabbing feeling at that point but will be sure to tell him tomorrow. I can't imagine what is causing it.
My chemo oncologist's office called to tell me I need to have a series of B12 shots and more bloodwork. So tomorrow its RADS at 6:30am, injection at other office at 8:00 then back to RAD office at 9:30 for weekly Dr visit! Afterwards, my cousin from Albuquerque is here and I get to spend the afternoon with her.


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    Sounds like rads are
    Sounds like rads are tolerable. That encouraging because I'm getting ready to start in the next week or so. It sounds like you have a very busy day today. Good luck on all your office/doctor visits and enjoy your cousin's visit.
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    HALF WAY...............
    YAHOOOOOOOOOOO I am so happy that you're half way done........keep your eye on the finish line....I had the awful itching.....was told I could use a cortisone cream...and take benedryl if I wanted to.......did use the helped. I REALLY have a tan under my arm, but since my last rad was last friday, the "tan" on my breast has already started to fade, the area that was "boosted" is bright red....was told I could peel, but so far I haven't......Half way done is a great feeling.......just think how great you'll feel when you post........FINISHED RADS!!!
    Take good care Elm.......
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    Under your arm

    Keep the skin under your arm dry and continue to put whatever cream or lotion on that they gave you. The skin under my arm is peeling off now and is painful (I must not have let it air dry enough after applying lotion). This also goes for under or between your breasts as those areas are more moist than the other skin. I don't have that problem because I had a bilateral mastectomy.

    Good luck and I hope you don't experience any problems!
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    2 Weeks to go!
    Sounds like you're doing great - and it's nice to have a visit with your cousin to look forward to tomorrow.

    A friend of mine who had bc many years ago said that her doctor had given her B12 shots during radiation and they seemed to really help her keep her energy up. She said she never experienced the fatigue I've heard so many describe on this board. I'll be iterested to see if you think the B12 helps you also. I haven't started my rads yet, but I know that they will be part of my treatment plan.

    Best of luck down the home stretch!
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    Thanks for the replies and
    Thanks for the replies and advice. I will remember to let it air dry before getting dressed. The b12 is supposed to help with the Neuropathy I think, but maybe it takes a while to notice. My whole arm hurt yesterday after the shot! My hand was almost useless most of the day. We'll see what happens.