Privacy and Roll Call

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I get a little uneasy posting alot of personal information on this very open forum. It really is open to the public. I wish we could be a group with some other privacy factors built into this system. Sometimes I would be more open but think about anyone reading this; such as employers, disability claims offices, etc. Does anyone else ever feel that way? I hesitate to put my email up as I feel I am opening myself up to the public too. I think we would all be willing to post more personal feelings if there was some other type of security. Or perhaps I don't understand it all and am being a little too cautious.



  • kathybd
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    Privacy issues
    I agree, Diane. I had posted my email a few months back and about a month ago I received an email from a group I didn't recognize saying they were following my story and wondered if I would be willing to share it. Deleted that one. Guess you can never be too careful.