Oophorectomy Srugery - Prior to Radiation for Stage IIA cervical cancer

I am 37 yrs old. Just diagnosed with cervical cancer 10/26. Radiation and chemo needed. The discussion of 'lifting' the ovaries in order to attempt to save my ovaries rather than take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) until 45. Any info/feedback on the this surgery? Any info/feedback on the difficulty of finding the right balance of HRT?


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    I have no answer for

    I have no answer for you on this...just wanted to wish you luck!
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    Didn't work for me
    Hi there! I'm 36 and was dx stage IA2 with lymphvascular space channels 12/4/08. I'm now 8 months post treatment. I think we're talking about the same surgery. My gyn onc called it a "ovary transposition" but did a laproscopic surgery to move my left ovary up higher in my torso. My right one was touching affected lymph nodes so he didn't want to save it.

    The surgery was totally fine for me. 3 small incisions but then again I had just been in the hospital for 5 days for a cone biopsy with major complications. So 3 small incisions outpatient was no biggie! I then started 30 external rad, 6 chemo and 5 internal rad. Within a few weeks of treatment I started to get hot flashes, vag dryness etc. Had my hormone levels tested and was in full menopause. Unfortunately, my left ovary never restarted after the move (my onc said it was a 15% chance it wouldn't restart) and my right one was radiated.

    Given my age and the tough emotional impact menopause started taking on me (RAGE beyond anything I had every felt!!!), I opted to go on Prempro pills. I also need some vaginal estrogen and was doing daily Estrace applications but have now gone to a couple times a week for the Estrace cream.

    Best of luck to you! This is so sucky but you will get through it. You don't have a choice :)