Mts. in Tenn. (get a way) !!!

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So glad Laurissa is doing so well after her 2nd chemo treatment.She didnt feel as sick or achey as the 1st round..So she ask her Drs.if she could still go on her weekend get away,she had planned for months. She was so afraid she would have to cancel the little cabin in the woods...I hope this R and R does her good and isnt to much for her. She loves the fall colors and fresh air and beautiful scenery,But,I cant wait for her to get back Tuesday 3rd (thats also her birthday !! )going to have Balloons cake and gifts waiting for her.....( SURPRISE )Im sure she will tell you all about her trip...


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    Sounds great! Glad she is
    Sounds great! Glad she is able to take this time for herself! It really helps. I hope she relaxes and enjoys every minute! My husband took me for a costal drive all the way to Sonoma California between chemo treatments and it was wonderful.