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I just wanted to know about my wife’s situation she was sharing her neck was swollen and tender so I told he to see the Doctor (she did not want to) they did an ultra sound and said there were dead lymph nodes and abnormal ones there were some other lumps. I have to tell you that for a while she has had some problems and all the doctors keep testing for lupus yet it was always negative. I don’t know if any of this is serious or can be treated and dealt with quite easily. Did anyone here have any of the same issues.

Concerned Husband


  • catwink22
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    Hi Dedimk,
    I also have the swollen lymph node, but mine is just above my collar bone. I was tested for Lupus years ago and it also came back negative. In the last few months I have had a lymph node removed from under my arm and have been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma. That does not mean that it is what your wife has. Please tell her to never ignore a lump. Get her to that doctor and get a diagnoses. Even if it's nothing at least you have peace of mind and if it's something then catch it as early as you can. Good Luck to you and your wife!
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    I was just diagnosed with non-Hodgikin lymphoma after a biopsy that was perfomed. Years a go I had a small ball on the back right side of my neck underneath the skull appear. It didn't hurt, it didn't change in size nor anythng so I left it alone. Now after 4 or 5 years I find that I have this horrible disease hanging around with me. For what I know lymphoma (most types I assume) will increase your white blood cell count; so I would suggest to get your blood check for white blood cell count. God bless.