trying to reply to all your anazing advice

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Thank you all for all your support and wonderful advice, I don't know why I can't reply back on my thread. But I just wanted to let you all know how much your words of kindness and support meant to me.

I think I have blocked alot out of my mind and went through most of my treatments in a daze..I am just now starting to grieve the loss of my breast and my former care-free life. One example of this is this morning I went toget my pneumonia shot, and they told me I already had it back in Dec. 08. I even had to look at the paper-work to believe them. I think we go through such a battery of tests, surgeries and emotions that we just become numb....Maybe I shouldn't say "we" but that is my own case. I am waking up from the nightmare and now must make steps to get past the grieving process. I got some new anti-depressants I hope will work...and I know I will just have to work through these emotions now.

In awhile I am sure that this will become not just a memory but an awakening of sorts..I will enjoy each day even more than before and appreciate my friends and family more also. I do notplan on letting the beast steal my I will fight again to find all the happiness and sweetness life has to offer.

I love all for always being here and always saying just the right things to help me get back onmy feet and pull up them big girl panties! I want you all to know what a blessing you are to me.

hugs, and God Bless,


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    Right back at cha!

    Peace be with you...
    hugs and God Bless to you
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    Love you, Jackie. It WILL
    Love you, Jackie. It WILL be Ok. xoxoxoxo Lynn