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As of this morning.....almost 8 months(tomorrow) since my dx and I am DONE!!!!!!!!!! Surgery, chemo, rads...........done done done! REMISSION.........Cancer free...... This day seemed like an eternity 8 months ago, when it was the darkest of days.....Even though it is drizzling and cloudy outside, I am filled with sunshine and gladness.....and thankfulness. It's a glorious feeling.....I am ready to get out there and reclaim my life!

To all of you beginning this journey,in the middle of it, or nearing the end of treatment, I wish you the best...And I hope that knowing that others, even total strangers, care will bring you some small comfort.

God bless you all and thank you so very much for your loving support, kind words, encouragement, and answering questions when things seemed so bleak. I can't thank you enough! If I can help just one person get through this ordeal, I would be thrilled.

With sincere gratitude....


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    Again, Nancy, I am so happy
    Again, Nancy, I am so happy for YOU!! You better take a few minutes to get your dancing shoes on, NED is on the way!! Hoping you dance with him for many, many years to come!! Way to go girl!!
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    It is sunny, bright

    It is sunny, bright day indeed when you are done with treatment and NED is taking you for a spin. I am so happy for you. Remember to be kind to yourself and not to overdo. You still have healing to do and be sure and continue using your lotions. But most of all, celebrate.
    God's in his heaven and all is well with the world.
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    Way to go Nancy!!
    I am so happy for you. It helps those of us just beginning know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and we will come out on the other side. Knowing there are sisters who are ready to or are dancing with NED means our time will come too. Lola
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    Carpe Diem!!

    Enjoy your freedom from treatment and your dance with NED!
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    CONGRATS!!So happy for you!! Hugs, Diane
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    Glorious Rainbow
    Nancy, Thrilled to hear your news and I'm sure there is a rainbow near by reminding you that's God's in Heaven and already blessing you with much joy and love. I'm at the beginning and hoping that those of us on the path will be able to rejoice with you one of these days.
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    GREAT NEWS. A big blessing
    GREAT NEWS. A big blessing from GOD and hope for all of us. This journey is so much easier knowing the end of treatment will come. Take good care of yourself and celebrate. Marilyn
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    GREAT NEWS. A big blessing
    GREAT NEWS. A big blessing from GOD and hope for all of us. This journey is so much easier knowing the end of treatment will come. Take good care of yourself and celebrate. Marilyn

    You have helped
    Just posting how glorious you feel. Reclaiming you life. Done with Treatment. You have sent out a bright beacon for everyone of us that is on the journey. I am so happy for you. Thanks.

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    Congrats Nancy
    Now it's time for the happy nakked dance.
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    Congratulations! What a wonderful feeling.
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    Nancy this is certainly WONDERFUL news!!!! I hope you have plans to get out and celebrate this weekend as you certainly deserve it. Now I am doing the happy dance for you! Congrats!!!!

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    What a great feeling that must be
    Dear Nancey
    So happy to read your post this morning. Congratulations.
    I know it helps me and others reading about the END of treatment as we go about completing ours.
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    Woo Hoo Nancy!
    Congratulations on completing this "thing" and beating the beast. You deserve your dance with Ned, that big handsome guy. You are an inspiration to us all.. . You have proven it can be done!

    Hugs, Judy :-)
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    what a wonderful day
    Isn't it great to be finished? no more chemo, no more rads, no more treatments! Wonderful news being in remission. Go out and celebrate
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    Congrats Nancy!
    That is AWESOME news! You are a brave warrior and survivor!!
    Dance that dance and CELEBRATE BIG TIME!
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    What great news!
    What great news! Congratulations!
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    Good for you!
    Glad to hear it - take care.