For 'newbies': the SEARCH feature of this Discussion Board

lindaprocopio Member Posts: 1,980
I wanted to make sure that those newly diagnosed or those entering a new phase of their initial treatment protocol are aware of the SEARCH feature of this discussion board. It's really such a WONDERFUL tool, as it allows you to 'key-word-search' through all of the archived posts ever made here to the Uterine Cancer board. We have made a concerted effort to post ALL of our research, as current reliable information on some of the newer drugs and therapies, and rare forms of uterine cancer, are so hard to come by. Plus you have 'real time' discussions from women who were going through what you are now entering into. For example: this Board, in my opinion, is the best resource on UPSC (a rare aggresssive form of uterine cancer) on the web. But it has expanded to be an important resource for all types of uterine and endometrial cancers.

Please try the SEARCH feature and invest some time during your next sleepless night in reading the archived posts on whatever is keeping you awake. You will be informed, comforted, and less alone. Just type in any key word to the SEARCH box (i.e.: "carboplatin"; "brachy"; "IMRT"; "Lynch Syndrome"; "bald"; "dilator" etc.)

I love to think that we have left behind a legacy on this Discussion Board where women can access all of the research we did during our own cancer battles, and use it to be proactive in their own treatment choices.