given stage 3b TODAY what does that mean??Please help

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My husband had a nephrectomy on Monday. He had 2 tumors, one was 3 cm and the other was 6, We were told probable stage 2. The surgeon (very good doctor) said he thought he got it all, but we'll wait till the path report, which we got today.The tumors were encapsulated but tonight we found that there was some tumor INSIDE the renal vein.
IF all of the tumor in the vein was removed with the encapsuled kidney does that mean stage 3b OR is 3b if the tumor in the vein in OUTSIDE the fascia area?(which would mean some was left) please help, my husband is still in the hospital, we discuss this tomorrow. ....


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    On May 27,2009 I had both renal cell carcinoma and endometrial cancer surgery. The tumor was 7.5cm on the kidney with renal vein involvement. The doctor said I had stage 3 cancer and a range of 3 for aggressiveness. My recent cat-scan was negative. I really dont know much about the stages only what the doctor told me. Your best source of info is the doctor. I did go to the Moffiet Cancer Center in Florida for a second opinion about treatment after surgery. They have agreed with everything my doctors are doing in Tn. I feel great. To me this was just a bump in the road. Hope everything works out for your husband.
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    Your husbands diagnosis sounds just like mine. T3b, only I had 1 tumor 7cm. It grew into the renal vien also. T# is the stage and b indicates it grew into the renal vien.
    Here is a link for you to look at. May help you understand a little more clear.
    My left kideny was removed by my urologist on April 29. I had my first check up last month and was told the CT scans were clean. I have to repeat this again in 6 months.
    Keep the faith and god bless you and yours...