Cisplatin Alternative for Musician?

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My boyfriend will be undergoing chemo for the first time. This is a 3rd recurrence, with widespread metastases. He's a professional musician, singer, guitarist - I know that cisplatin causes hearing loss and peripheral neuropathy. Are there acceptable alternatives? Are there ways to prevent or limit these side-effects? I can't find any real info other than carboplatin as a substitute - But it's not as effective in treating TC. Help?


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    Side Effects
    Have you are your boyfriend spoke to your oncologist about the possible side effects and ways of dealing with them? That would be a good place to start. Also the American Cancer Society can answer lots of questions and they are available 24/7 both thru the net and by phone at 1-800-227-2345. Trust me, Iv'e talked to them several times and they have really been helpfull with information, and where to go to get info and what questions to ask.
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    tough to know
    my opinion, which everyone on here has many of them. i look at the fact that BEP is the best treatment for tc. i feel anything less is taking more risk. as for the side affects, my hearing is fine. had some ringing during chemo but that is it. I have half of my left hand that feels like it is asleep and my left foot feels like it is asleep. Everything still works. i am typing right now with both hands and doing as good as i ever did. Another thing to conciter is that everyone has different reactions to chemo. my dr. gave me a 13 page booklet of side affects. all of my side affects were not mentioned in that booklet. Nobody knows how they will react till they go through it.
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    Cisplatin is necessary

    So I had BEP x 3 and to this day have not had any negative side effects. My hearing is totally fine and my audiology test results came back the same as a baseline test before chemo. 


    As far as Cisplatin goes, it's by far the most important chemo out of all the others and the biggest influence on surviving testicular cancer. Before the use of Cisplatin, almost nobody survived TC.