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It's definitely been a while since I've been here. Lots has happened and I'm still trying to find my balance. Bi-lateral with DIEP reconstruction 3 weeks ago today. Surgeon came out and said everything looked great and nodes were clear, but wait for sure until the pathology is finished. Reconstruction went well (they actually look better than my own ever did!)except for the nipples which are fixed in 3 months and the areolas which get tattooed on in 6 months.
Still hurt a lot right now as the transplanted nerves grow back or whatever it is they do, but that's all good. Some bad news on the pathology though - got that last week. Lymph nodes all 11 are clear, but there was an invasive component(so not just DCIS) they hadn't detected before or during surgery and I am triple negative so now we're looking at chemo which was not even on the table before surgery. Don't have a clue as to which kind of chemo (any ideas out there?), how long, etc. so even though we thought we were on the downhill side after surgery, now there's another one in front of us! (Guess I'll be revisiting those posts on wigs, headscarves, etc.) We added up our miles traveled to San Antonio and back last night and we could have gone on a cross-country vacation from California to New York so far!!!! Appt. with plastic surgeon on the 10th (guess rest of reconstruction will have to wait now)and if he releases me, we go to the oncologist that same day and hopefully, get some answers and a plan. Being a teacher, I love plans, so I know that will make me feel better - just knowing what is coming makes it a little less scary. May try to find an onc. a little closer to home too. Friends and family have been priceless! One teacher friend made me a "New Boob Cake" complete with bandaids! and another has gone off chocolate/caffeine with me for the 8 week period!I've told everyone about these fantastic ladies on this website! Love you all, LT


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    Thank you LT for letting us
    Thank you LT for letting us know how you are doing, please continue to let us know the plans for your treatment. In the mean time remember that you are a member of a widespread family and that you are in the jprayers and thoughts of many. You are also a warrior of a very strong and experinced army. And we never leave a women (or man) on the battle field, so if you need to talk come to us. Either on the board, or private message one of us we will be more then happy to help.
    Remember we are the many, proud, and the brave we are Breast Cancer Surivors
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    Make a plan to take good
    Make a plan to take good care of yourself while you are waiting. I recently read an older book written by Joan Lunden of GMA, A Bend in the Road Is Not the End of the Road. It doesn't have anything to do with cancer but I found the principles to be the same in dealing with change. God has a good plan for our lives and we have to keep pressing on. Marilyn