2nd chemo today went well

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So far so good. I'm feeling pretty good right now. I'm trying to post many of you with no luck. It's frustrating, isn't it? I don't know how to copy and paste. Natly, good luck on your 2nd tomorrow. Bald isn't so bad, is it? Just a readjustment to our hair routine. I like my wigs, but it gets hot after a long time on. Even in the cold temps. I wear a cap liner I ordered from tlc, Its not the nylon stocking, it's fabric and helps the wig stay in place. Sis, thanks for the gifts you brought to chemo center today. What a surprise. Your great. See you tomorrow.


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    Good luck Laurissa. I'm
    Good luck Laurissa. I'm thinking of you! Pitt
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    prayer quilt
    hope the Prayer quilt brings you comfort in more ways than one...May all the prayers that the quilt menistrey prayed over it be heard and answered,and may it keep you warm when you need it.enjoy the relaxasion CD also. hope you have an easy week..LOL
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    What a sweet sister you
    What a sweet sister you have. I have to admit, mine was awesome through my chemo too. She went with me twice and we had the best time. All I can say is we are two lucky women!!
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    Glad you're feeling well
    Are you doing adriomycin and cytoxin? I just finished my 4th - and it has been manageable. You'll get through it too!
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    Happy you had a decent day
    Happy you had a decent day yesterday. Being bald isnt that bad, as long as I have a scarf or wig on. My wig looks pretty good, but the scarfs are more comfortable. Laurissa sounds like you and your sister are 2 really beautiful people, both on the inside and outside. You are so blessed to have a sister and such a loving one at that. How are you feeling today after the neulasta shot?
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    The shot will hit me on Thursday night , probably like last time. I'm fine now. I could have worked today, if I wanted. Tomorrow may be a different story! Take care. I'm not getting much sleep either.