Is RAI dangerous if you have had it before?

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Hello all. I am 41 with papillary cancer, had TT in July 09.
I am getting RAI soon...waiting for the appointment date from my endo.

My sister had ThyCa about 10 years ago & had a TT with RAI back then. She has not had any other problems with her thyroid CA. Since she doesn't have a thyroid, do I still need to stay away from her as I do everyone else?

Has anyone dealt with this situation?

I'm trying to determine if it would be better to stay with her after leaving the hospital instead of with my hubby & kids.


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    You will be ratioactive. You should atleast stay 6 feet from everyone, and that should be for a short period of time even if you are near them. Treat your sister the same as everybody else.

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    I am in the UK
    I had high


    I am in the UK

    I had high dose of RAI in April.

    My Doctor advised it was ok if you have no thyroid as that is where it will attack, so your sister should be ok, I was also advised to keep at least 6 feet away from my daughter whos 3 for 15 days, she could have a quick cuddle but kept away from the neck area & not sleep with my husband for 10 nights. Pets are ok as they dont usually live more than 15 years so wont be affected.

    I would go & stay with your sister for a few days.