Stupid Things People Say!

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Hello Ladies, been trying to find the discussion "stupid things people say".
I had mixed emotions reading the posts but found it very very supportive
to know that I'm not the only one hearing outrageous comments regarding
my bc. Now, I cannot find it! Help.


  • tommaseena
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    go to search at the top right side of your screen and type in:
    stupid stuff people say

    you may get more than one page and the page starts with the oldest stuff so if there is more than one page I go to the last page and then work my way back one page at a time until I find the thread I am looking for.

    Hope this helps.

  • TraciInLA
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    "Stupid stuff people say..."
    The exact title of the thread is "Stupid stuff people say about us having Breast cancer.", posted by ppurdin on 10/20/09.

    Once you find it and open it, you may want to click on "Add to favorites" in the top right-hand corner of the screen, so you can refer to it again -- that's what I did.

    Hope that helps,