Hi Laurissa

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I have been trying to reply to alot of the posts and I am just not able to for some reason. I just finished chemo about 3 weeks ago and now I am doing herceptin every 3 wks for a year. YOu will find that chemo eventually does end and that you are stronger than you think you are.

Bald is kinda cool, isnt it??? The only bad part is that its getting colder here is wisconsin and my head gets cold, even in the house! Hopefully my hair will start coming back soon.

Hang in there
Linda T


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    Hi Linda
    Yes, the bald look is different but manageable. Just a new routine. I'm 1/3 done with chemo. I'm feeling well. Thanks for posting.
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    I've been trying to post too :)
    Hi Laurissa, I too have replied to a few of your posts and was unsuccessful. I'm glad you got the hair part over with and now your one step closer to getting this thing beat!! I live in South Dakota and let me tell ya, my head is COLD! Anyhow, good to hear your doing well and bless your sisters heart for being there for you, as I have a beautiful 20 year old daughter whom doesn't leave my side. We are truly blessed!
    Take Care,