Abdominal Pain during Chemo

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I just had my first FEC(5FU, Epirubicin, Cytoxan) chemo treatment Thursday. My stomach has this steady pain in it that is making me miserable. I dare not take a pain pill because of the nausea... any ideas on what might help get rid of it?


  • New Flower
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    I took prevacid during all Chemo treatments
  • pinkkari09
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    Hi Amy
    They gave me a drug called "Emend", it's very expensive but it worked absolute wonders. I didn't need anything else. It's only prescribed for three days (three pill pack) you take one right before chemo, then one each day for two days after. In addition, on the other days I had a prescription called "Prochlorperazine", that worked well, however; I have anxiety which adds to my stomach issues so I also take "Lorazepam" in a low dose (which is also prescribed for nausea), the nausea med with the anxiety med together worked great. Best wishes, I hope you feel better soon!!
  • laurissa
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    Hi Amy
    I also get stomach pain, not nausea. My nurse gives me 2 sample pills for stomach upset, but I still feel it. I think they're just for nausea. I also take tums sometimes. Just twaiting it out a few days and putting up with it is about all we can do. I hope you're feeling better today.