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Does exist any correlation about women that sofer some kind of abuse in home, From husband, and breast cancer? I Just left my home and husbando and two kids (21 and 18) because he is pretty violent men... Now, I have no maney for treatment, and I live in Brazil, where doesn´t exist a strong support for those diagnosed with Cancer.
What shoul I do?
I mean, does my chances to survive drop down?
I have no family now, and i´m living in an old hotel neau my home...
Star to be too dificult to handle with that, and my husband insist, in files divorse, that I´m perfectly healty. I had surgery on June 16,this year (09).
Is he correct?


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    I don't know about Brazil
    I don't know about Brazil and the help you could receive. You might try calling ACS to see if they have any info. Also look local for any assistance. Ask your doctors/nurses if they have any info.

    As for info on survival you'd have to ask your doctor. Everybody is different. He would be the best one to talk about how healthy you are also.