I'm around this evening for private messaging, if anyone needs support

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Since we're having trouble communicating on the site right now, and since I know that Saturday nights can be difficult to deal with sometimes, I just wanted to throw out there that I'm around and available for private messaging if anyone needs support tonight.

I'll be up until about 8:30, Pacific time (yeah, 2 weeks post-chemo, I'm such a Saturday-night party girl -- sitting in front of the computer, then in bed by 8:30, woo-hoo! :-). Tonight's also the night I take my very first Tamoxifen pill [cue scary Halloween organ music].

To private message (PM), just click on "CSN Email" on the CSN homepage.

Around if anyone needs anything,



  • Dawne.Hope
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    I heard that creepy organ music too!
    Hey Tracey,

    I had trouble taking that first tamoxifen pill! Had my prescription a week before I finally took one and << organ music comes to a crescendo >> ... it wasn't that bad!

    One of those time that anti-climatic is a good thing!

    Thanks for being available! :)