I'm BUZZED (clipper buzzed that is)

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I got so tired of clumping I went to sister's and had it buzzed off. No picture yet. My "computer Einstein daughter" is working and not here to post pix. And my wig looks pretty good too, without all the hair. Kathy Scissorhands became Kathy Clipperhands. No tears at all, I was ready. It was gross falling out like that. You know when it's time! It's your turn natly! This dreadful stage is over.


  • Sam726
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    Congrats....see, now you dont have to worry about it anymore.Its gone and you can move on girlfriend. I know this doesnt help, but it will grow back. Im sure you are beautiful...stay stong!
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    I tried replying to this
    I tried replying to this earlier and it didn't post. After reading that there were obviously problems, I figured I wouldn't try again. I'm gonna copy & paste to see if I can get this to go through. I'm glad it's overwith for you, Laurissa. I am right behind you on this path and I hope I can be as brave. Looking forward to seeing pics of you; I bet you look wonderful! And from what your sister posted, your wig is red?? Oh, please do show!
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    I found it was more
    I found it was more stressful to have it falling out than to just cut it off. Finding big clumps of hair upset me. Hang in there. Hugs.
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    Laurissa I took the big step
    Laurissa I took the big step yesterday. Could no longer handle hair falling all over the place. I have some peach fuzz and am wearing a scarf. hate the thought of the wig, because its itchy and its hot in Florida. I also pulled out some ball caps that my hubby adjusted. I feel comfortable and FREE. When hubby and I figure out how to transfer photos to the website I'll try to add a current photo with scarf or wig. :)