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Can't post either
Pat I wrote you a post, but it didn't post. Sorry to read about the hive set back. I prayed you find a peace and calm that allow you to think and feel beyond this physical attack while your body and the doc figure it out. I hope the peace and rest come quickly. Any possiblity a cool oatmeal bath would help? It should draw out the toxins from ths skin. I am not sure if this is ok or even a good idea. Hopefully someone else will know. I just know it relieves the itch and allergic reactions to many other histamine related attacks...bug bites, chicken pox, shingles...maybe?

Hope you get better with every passing moment. Try to find some calm in your mind, your body should try to follow suit.



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    Try clicking the post and
    Try clicking the post and avoid preview. It's been working for me.