starting to feel a little better.

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Thanks for your replys and Prayers.I acually got about 5hrs. sleep last night without the horrible itching from the Chemo side effects.Its been 2 days of hives,swelling and no sleep.The Dr. says it is going thru my body started at my head worked down .the break out is in my legs now.It has not been a easy journey.The Dr. says we will talk about the Chemo treatment after we get this settled down.Now I am worried what is in store for me.Will she stop chemo or start another one.I hope I don,t have to start over with with something new.I only had two more to go.I have a wonderful Dr. and I know she will do what is best for me.So that is one less worry.Please Pray that it will work out.I have always had weird reations to meds.but not this bad.As always thanks for listning to me.Love and prayers.(Pat).


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    Pat, so glad you were able
    Pat, so glad you were able to get some rest last night. I hope you continue to feel better today. You are still in my thoughts & prayers.
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    Glad you are feeling better.
    Glad you are feeling better. Hope your doc finds a solution. Hugs.