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Greetings everyone. I am new to this board, but not to cancer. I am a 12 year breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with locally advanced (8 positive lymph nodes) and a large tumor, but after a year of very aggressive treatment, I have been NED ever since. I am looking for advice for my brother-in-law. He was diagnosed with colon cancer 14 years ago. He has been stage IV for ten years. According to a recent PET scan, he currently has mets in both lungs, lymph nodes in the armpit, and wrapped around his spine. Unfortunately, his current oncologist says that he is out of options. He's had every chemo available to him (5 fu, leucovorin, oxaliplatin, camptisar, avastin, erbitux, and xeloda). He's already has his lifetime max of radiation. I've researched the clinical trails, but can only find a couple phase II that he might qualify for and a couple phase I's. He is visiting Duke on Tuesday to discuss one of the phase II trials. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice that I can pass along. It would be greatly apprecieated. Bless you all!


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    Yes Maam ...a shot in the dark though a shot nonetheless.....
    Call Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Institute in Nashville Tennessee..It is a teaching cancer hospital that is 14th in the nation for care.. Also MD Anderson about clinical trials, it is rated #1 in the nation...never give up....hope may be only 1 more phone call honest, but direct and they will bend backwards for you . Seems as most cancer institutes have knowledge of how we feel....Good Luck to your BIL and congrats on your 12 year NED.....Clift

    Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Institute can be googled....They have a complete website with all specialist, surgeons, etc....Dr Alan Herline did my surgery there. He is one of a group that specializes in cancer surgery mostly colorectal, anal, etc............again, good luck and keep us informed on his journey........
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    Hi Tina and welcome
    How old is your brother in law? Has he had a lot of 'good years' in the 14 years since he was dx'd?

    Congrats on your CURE! Awesome!

    I have a missionary friend who JUST returned from Dr. Herzog's clinic in Germany. Most insurance companies will pay for overseas treatment because it's less costly than stateside. Here's a link to Dr. Herzog's Cancer Clinic (in English). I'll hyperlink it so .... CLICK HERE FOR INFO
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    The Syracuse Cancer Research Institute is a non-profit, and
    sells nothing. Google it, and read about Dr. Gold's study.

    The item they refer to, is priced at $30 per 100 capsules. It is
    not expensive; it is not some sort of a money-making scam.

    If the situation is last stage, and western medicine has given up,
    go read about this item. Just because your doctor's given up,
    is no reason you should.

    Read Dr. Gold's testimony, do some serious research, and don't
    believe the mainstream BS.

    The very same thing is happening to "Trovax", Oxford's fantastic
    formula for the fight against cancer. Research the beginnings of
    "Trovax", the manner it was tested and the type of cancers it
    was designed for...... and what kind of testing for FDA approval
    is actually taking place; Try to understand the "why" behind it.

    It is failing test after test on the very cancers it was not designed to treat,
    and it is being tested as an adjunctive therapy, when Oxford originally
    claimed it should not be used in that manner.

    Also, as a side note?

    Traditional Chinese Medicine also can be of great help, but for
    most individuals, the cost is high, and the results can take more
    time that one has left. The science works, but it uses the individual's
    own body to do the work of killing cancer cells; by the time you've
    reached the end of western medicine's attempts, your body has
    no strength (immune system) left to work with.

    I feel so bad for all those that have reached their last gasp having
    followed the western medicine route.

    Those that remain alive after "Chemo", claim "chemotherapy" as
    the reason for success. Those that die after rounds of chemo,
    are said to have put up their best fight.

    Those that remain alive using alternative methods, are said to
    be "very lucky", since they did not do "chemo". And those that have
    died after using alternative methods, are said to be "fools", since
    they refused "Chemo".

    It's amazing that the hypocrisy continues; that the brain-washing of
    the industry is allowed to continue in the face of such obvious failure.

    Nothing has changed regarding the statistics of Cancer survival in
    over 40 years. When will we wake up?
    ( )