Almost Bald

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When I walked to the mailbox today my hair was blowing with the wind, you know like something glamorous from the movies except mine was "blowing away".

Put a scarf on because my hair was falling all over me and the house. Had a friend come by this eveing and cut it into a very short crop. Took a shower, washed by hair, I mean head, and there I got 6 more handfuls of mammoth hair. Couple more days and I know I'll have a shiny head.


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    Bald is Beautiful, Bald is
    Bald is Beautiful, Bald is Beautiful, Bald is Beautiful
    it is it realy is, ask any of us and we will tell ou all the same thing
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    Hi Natly
    Tjhay is right...bald is beautiful...but your head sure does get cold!!!!

    Smile...and hang in there

    LInda T
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    I'm with you natly
    It was windy here as well and I'm sure my hair is suspended all over town by now. Its unreal, isn't it? My part is about a half inch wide now. My wigs aren't looking natural on me. Do you have wigs? If so, how do you like them? They are very hot, too. Good luck with this stage of the game.
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    It's been so long I can't
    It's been so long I can't remember bald. I liked not messing with hair tho. Not good at it. I'm glad it's back tho.
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    being bald
    I know no one wants to lose their hair, but if we look at ourselves when it is gone, there is something very empowering about it. My worst fear when I was told I needed chemo was losing my hair, and I hated it when I was told it would grow back. I KNOW it will grow back, that doesn't help when you don't want to lose it to begin with.
    I found freedom from not worrying about making sure the "do" was right before leaving the house, I found freedom in the feel of the wind on my head, I have a convertible, and actually loved driving around with the top down. It still startled me walking past a mirror, but I usually looked at myself in the morning, then never paid attention the rest of the day.
    The actual process of it falling out can be traumatic, but try to embrace it when it is gone. I actually posted this some time ago, but I found a birth mark on my head that I never knew about, and when I asked my mom about it, she told me it was identical to my dad's, which made me feel a bit closer to him since we had just recently lost him while I was going through treatment.
    Take care of the pate and try going bare, you might enjoy it!
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    Yes, I had my head shaved some weeks ago. I was shedding like crazy. It was only a matter of time before I knew it had to come off. Was okay with the fact when the day came. Didn't cry or get emotional as I knew this was going to happen.

    I have lots of great hats, caps and a wig to wear! My wig doesn't look a thing like my coarse, wavy hair, but it will do for now. It's reminiscent of Sonny and Cher (jet straight hair). All I need is a Bob Mackie dress and I'm there, kind of! I mainly wear it when I go shopping or for appts.; otherwise, I sport a cap/hat!

    It's a temporary look. My hair will grow back.