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Hello Ladies,
I am always in the ovarian cancer discussion board, but today I was reading your posts. I have had breast cancer 3 times. I was 28 years old the first time. I got a 17 year break and then it grew back in the same hole they took it out of in 2007. Breast cancer in the other breast in 2008. Then in 2009, I got ovarian cancer. All 3 breast cancers were Stage I. Clear margins, no node involvment. I am currently in treatment for ovarian cancer. It was also an early stage. The reason I am telling you this is beacause, make sure you keep an eye on your ovaries. Many people are carrying the BRCA gene. Which can be responsable for both cancers. Ask your doctor for a CA-125 blood test every year. It is an ovarian cancer tumor marker blood test. The symptoms for ovarian cancer are very quiet. So, pay close, close attention to your bodies. Just wanted to make everyone aware of this situation. Thank-You, Paula


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    Thanks, Paula

    After radiation I am scheduled to take Tomoxifin for five years. I was just at my gyno appointment on Wednesday and asked her about removal of my ovaries plus/instead of taking medication. She is going to check on my situation and see if it would be beneficial for me. At this point I have been through so much with bc I want to continue to do anything I can to avoid any re-occurance in another part of my body.

    Thanks for the post.
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    Thanks Paula
    I am currently recovering from a difficult ovary removal surgery. Although my Braca Gene test was negative, I decided to remove the ovaries anyway since I am ER/PR+ with my cancer. Your info is valuable information. Thank you. Pammy
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    Yes Paula Thank you and welcome to our board!
    This is something that also concerns me, My onco says that Tamoxifen does NOT cause ovarian cancer, but there is some evidence that is causes cervical cancer for women who are post menopausal, it's all so confusing to me.

    I had a pap, done in may, when I went to the doctor about the lump I found, but I'm wondering if I should go back and get this test done too.

    I haven't had the BRCA test done as no one on my mother side has had cancer before, but on my father side, his mother had breast cancer, which I later believe turned to brain cancer and my father passed away from postate cancer. I was told that it wasn't close enough to warrent the test?

    Personally I would be just fine with having my ovaries removed, especailly if it lowers the estorgen in my body, there for lowering my risk of reoccurance.

    More questions for the Onco. Think I will make an appt. with the GYN too.