When was the last time you really LAUGHED

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Adrian started it all last weekend when he posted the Dom and Johnny Carson skit- dang I haven't laughed like that in a long time.
Then this past Sunday in the Star Tribune (Minneapolis paper) is an article about laughter and yoga
Yoga with yuks

And I got to started thinking about all the incredible things about LAUGHTER, my own for starters. And that led to a week of some teaching about it (I teach HS)
and a hysterical post on facebook from my sister
trust me, you HAVE to see this!
Free Photo Booth Prank

and then this morning I shared with my students
2 Funny Babies Laughing


and then finally Phil posted to Julie wanting to know the last time she laughed (or something similiar) and that got me thinking

When was the last time you really LAUGHED??


  • Julie 44
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    Had a good laugh Tuesday..I work at a high school and after school the boys walk around with their football pants and shirts on..Well this one boy who is very over weight sometimes has his shirt off..This makes everyone comment how much bigger his breasts are than theirs is..Well Tuesday he was walking up the hall and his football pants had a huge whole on the inside of his theigh..Well needless to say he was hanging out in all the wrong places....We all were rolling on the floor crying from seeing that..(after he left of course )It was sad but funny because some teenage girls were around and saw it and they were just freaking out from it....We had a really good laugh at the poor boys expense..Then we made a male teacher go up and tell him in private....But all in all that was sooo funny.....JULIE
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    Oh, man. I'm a laughing fool. Every day. Even though I worry about things a lot and sometimes post messages that might indicate otherwise, I LOVE to laugh. One of my recent good laughs came from my 2 year-old grandson, Andrew. I was holding his baby sister, Caroline, and had one of my sharp abdominal pains. It caught me by surprise, I cried out a little. Andrew innocently looked up and said, "What's the matter, Nanny? Did Caroline pinch you?" I rolled!