looking for someone that has been through this

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I have not been able to find a support group around me. I am trying to see if the chemo treatments are simlar to others and how you felt while going through chemo. Do the sweats go away my seem to be getting worse I am on chemo treatment 4 this monday and have 4 more to go.


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    Hey Liaa,
    I had 12 rounds of

    Hey Liaa,

    I had 12 rounds of Chemo and each one was a little different than the other one. Can you tell me what your are being treated for?
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    Hey Liaa,
    I had 12 rounds of

    Hey Liaa,

    I had 12 rounds of Chemo and each one was a little different than the other one. Can you tell me what your are being treated for?

    I am being treated for follicular lymphoma. Was surprised which seems to be the case with most people on this site. I am really tired the first week after chemo then start feeling better the 2nd and 3rd week.
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    Hiya Liaa. I have just completed 6 rounds of R Chop for follicular NHL. Now, keep in mind that night sweats are one of the symptoms of that disease. Mine stopped after about the 2nd or 3rd treatment. Also keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to the Chemo treatmets. My experience with the Chemo was fatigue and my taste bud went on vacation. I also had various other side effects but I made it through them...and you will too. But I would mention the sweats to your doc....or anything that feels amiss....that's what they are there for and it could be important.
    Best of luck and don't let it run you....you'll be fine!
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    10 months in remission
    I had 12 treatments for Hodkin Lymphoma. My first three treatments were differant then the one before. The next four I was weak for about two to three days. I never felt like eating the week of treatments. My treatments were on Tuesday around 1:00 PM. The last few I just kept wanting it over, I was at the point I just wanted to be somewhere that I enjoyed, like walking on a beach with my wife. I knew the treatments were working and it was something I had to do. I got a phone call or a text message from my grandson the moring of each treatment which always made my day. The sweats stopped mid way. I did not get sick from the treatments but I did feel sick to my stomach at times. The treatments are what you need, so you can fight the cancer.

    I hope this helps you as you travel your journey it helpped me. (In your journey you don’t blame anyone not even god, but you should ask your self while asking god, what do you want me to do with this disease. What is it you want me to do, who shall I help).
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    natural remedy.. a green mom...
    im hodgekins remission 8 months (6 months pregnant) i did my treatments in vegas and i had a sweet friend that really cared and brought me medical green from the store in cali... i would have never made it without all that. before the green i threw up, i had horrible poos , i was sooooo sore, i sweat all night while trying to sleep and never slept well cause my sheets were soaked my body was so hot and ice cold wet sheets didnt go well thank god my mom would have extra sheets and pillow cases waiting and dry p.j.s...she was a life savor. i couldnt eat anything because it was just so disgusting to think of with that metallic taste you hve in your mouth, so the green helps alot with your appetite and tastebuds. after a few tokes of natural green i felt ready to take on the scientific experiments being ran on me and the bonus was the green held my slipping away mind get put back together.
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    Sweating and support

    I have had 17 months of treatment for Large B-cell NHL. I had 7 R-chop treatments. I have had 6 RICE treatments. Earlier during my walk with this disease, I use to wake up soaked. Yes, this is part of the journey. But it can be a temporary walk. Mine was. I no longer wake up sweaty. I am a woman, and chemo has pushed me into menopause. Menopause causes you to get hot flashes and in some women, they have night sweats. Thank God, I don't have the soaking. I get hot, but never sweaty.

    Now for the support group..... both ACS and the LLS (the Leukemia Lymphoma Society) should be able to point you in the right direction. The LLS actually sponsors group meeting at different facilities (including hospitals). Please feel free to tap into their resources. Both organizations have been a blessing to me.

    Take care and good luck.
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    Hi Liaa,
    I would get a good

    Hi Liaa,
    I would get a good temporal thermometer and take your temperature and record it every time you get the sweats and show the results to your Oncoologist. There's a difference between temperatures in Cancer caused sweating and normal immune system caused fevers. Other than that, night sweats are sometimes a side effect of Chemo and usually go away. I still get them sometimes and they always cause me to worry.