Two Ladies Talking in Heaven

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1st woman: Hi! Wanda.

2nd woman: Hi! Sylvia. How'd you die?

1st woman: I froze to death.

2nd woman: How horrible!

1st woman: It wasn't so bad. After I quit shaking from the cold, I began to get warm & sleepy, and finally died a peaceful death. What about you?

2nd woman: I died of a massive heart attack. I suspected that my husband was cheating, so I came home early to catch him in the act. But
instead, I found him all by himself in the den watching TV.

1st woman: So, what happened?

2nd woman: I was so sure there was another woman there somewhere that I started running all over the house looking. I ran up into the attic
and searched, and down into the basement. Then I went through every closet and checked under all the beds. I kept this up until I had looked everywhere, and finally I became so exhausted that I just keeled over with a heart attack and died.

1st woman: Too bad you didn't look in the freezer---we'd both still be alive.


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    I've heard this one before -
    I've heard this one before - it's still funny. :-)
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    LOL, that was a cute one! Hugs, Diane
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    needed a laugh
    Needed a laugh THank you
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    Another good one! Thanks.

    Another good one! Thanks.
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    MyTurnNow said:

    Another good one! Thanks.

    Another good one! Thanks.

    Enjoyed .. Funny ... Funny
    Thanks, again.

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    Wolfi said:

    I've heard this one before -
    I've heard this one before - it's still funny. :-)

    LOL, love it Margo!

    LOL, love it Margo!

    Kylez ♥
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    I love that one!
    Thanks. Keep them coming. I look forward to a good laugh from you every day.

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    Hi. Good one. Have a good
    Hi. Good one. Have a good day. Marilyn
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    Thank you.
    That is one of the cutest jokes I have heard in awhile.Thank you.(Pat).
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    Ohhhhhh Margo
    I havent heard this one before and its a goodie!

    You just keep them coming girl!

    Linda T
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    Love it
    I just loved the joke "Two Women Talking in Heaven" MORE!!!!!!!!!!