Anybody have the "tram" reconstruction surgery. How long will I be out from work.

Carmen Bedell
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I need some info. Anybody have the "tram" reconstructive surgery or know someone who has had it done. I only work three days a week and curious how long before I can get back to work. I work in an office so there is no standing.... I am getting different answers from everybody I ask. THX.


  • Calleen
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    I had a bilateral masectomy using my tummy tissue for my new breasts. I was off work for 7 weeks.. I probably could have gone back a bit sooner but I have a stressful job and my Doc thought I should be off just a bit longer. I was driving within a week and 1/2 (short distances). It all really depends on your body and how it heals. are you having the tummy flap or another jpart of your body?? I would at least expect a full 6 weeks... you want to make sure your good and healed..
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    welcome Carmen
    glad you found us, and I am sure soon someone who has had the "tram" will be posting for you. I had a "free" flap and was out of work three weeks, then back part time after that. I also work in an office where I am at a desk most of the time. Everyone heals differently, so even if the docs give you a timeframe, your body may say differently.
    Keep us up to date on your upcoming surgery!
  • CypressCynthia
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    I had that type of surgery about 21 years ago, so I don't know if my experience helps as it was so long ago. I was out 6 wks but I have a job where I can't break much. About 12 years ago I had the SGAP "free" flap technique for the other breast. The free flap technique is easier for you if you can find a surgeon skilled in the technique. Definitely less down time and less pain for me.