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After ground pounding for the last month since my love's DX I have been looking for any assistance we can get to help with things.We are not eligible for the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) but I was reading about the ADA (Americans Disability Act) and below is a link to it but unfortunately I'm not a good reader so some of this confuses me . The article is titled "8 Questions You May Have About the New COBRA Subsidy" and I'm just wondering if anyone could enlighten me on this topic ? I'll put the link to this below .


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    I think...
    I read the article and it sounds to me like anyone who has lost their job in the past year is eligible for a reduced rate Ins premium through the Government and Cobra. You have an option to continue your insurance coverage from your employer when you are left go by paying the premium. This government stimulus is where they would give you a 65% reduction in that amount of the premium to make it more affordable. Also, if you did not accept to continue your Ins when you left your job because you couldn't afford it or you accepted it and had to drop it due to the high cost, they are giving you a second chance to take it. I believe you must sign up by the end of this year to be eligible for the lower cost. Hope this helps to explain it better. If you are interested, I would contact former employer for info on where to sign up. Pammy