Radiation Colitis

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Another question, sorry I recently ended up in hospital again, with severe stomach cramps, nausea etc, and after 5 days on Morphine etc, had a CT scan,an a colonoscopy. They finally decided that for a better want of a diagnosis they would call it radiation colitis (say the radiotheapy had caused a narrowing of the bowel,) and I was under no circumstance to allow myself to become constipated. Easier said than done. Has anyone else experienced the same symptons as the above or heard of radiation colitis before.


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    Yes, there is such a thing as radiation colitis and there is quite a bit of info available on the web. If you google: radiation colitis you will see lots of info. One website that is very straightforward is: www.cblpath.com/uploads/Radiation_Colitis.pdf

    I was told about some of the potential bowel results that could occur prior to starting treatment and I remember them mentioning possibilities of bowel obstruction, etc...

    Hope things get better for you!!!