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Well good morning, this is your day to begin your journey of esophogeal surgery, I know how anxious you have been I was the same way just 3 months ago next week, but now its your turn, to get AL through this surgery, of course he will have different surgery than Jeff and his surgery will be from a well known doctor, I am sure in your mind you thought this day would never come, I too was the same way, I am sure you will not see your husband with 14 tubes hanging out of him, and wonder how is he ever going to come out of this. Please know he will have some tubes hanging out of him, and probably be on a ventilator and may not know who you are at first but just keep talking to him no matter what, and always always say I LOVE YOU, before he goes to surgery after surgery, and before you close your eyes at night because we never know what GOD is going to deal from minute to minute hour to hour and day to day. You will need to wear your BGP today, for everything you will be going through. I know the day Jeff had his surgery his began at 7:43 and he was not through until 3:00 pm, when they called and said they were through with surgery and he did fine i just started crying, and thanking our good LORD upstairs for pulling him through it. Now let me remind you that the next day was not good, nor the days to follow, and we wasn't sure if he was going to live or die, and this 45 year old man proved to GOD and everybody he was going to be OK, I think you will remember me shouting at the top of my lungs that he is off the ventilator and asking for me, this was such an awesome day 11 days later. I know AL is just going to wiz right through this with the doctor you have and on tuesday you will be asking yourself how in the heck did I make it through all this.

I know you have been just as scared as I was when I first signed on, but once this is over you will now be a survivor and be able to help other people on this site just like me, we will trully be able to say we have went from diapers, to BGP in matter of months.

I just want you to know that everyone will be saying prayers today for you and the girls, and be waiting for your replys as soon as you know something.

Kathy, remember you are about to cross this BUMP in the road, that Kitten always talks about and you will soon be dancing in the rain.

Bill Marshall I hope you sent thos BGP out in plenty of time for her to have them on Monday and blessed them Through Faith Federal Express, so when she enters the hospital she will be able to wear them. I know Jeff sewed on Lace and we shipped to your house last week, so its up to you to make sure she received them.

Kathy know I am here if you have questions, or just want to vent. I wish you the best luck you could have, and if you have time please look back on the post William sent me on the morning of Jeff's surgery (7-23-09) and it will be very informative.

Take Care
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