Arthur (From Public Broadcasting TV) Special Show w/Lance Armstrong- Helping kids cope when someone

npl8261 Member Posts: 33
Today I went to the WGBH Studio in Boston for a special screening of an Arthur episode that will air tomorrow, Monday 10/19. The epsiode is about helping kids cope when someone has cancer and features Lance Armstrong. The school nurse at my childrens elementary school called me the other day to tell me about it and put me in touch with one of the coordinators. The first 1 hour was watching this episode in one of their studios and then after is was followed by a discussion by a group of specialist ranging from Guidance Counselors, Doctors, etc. They also allowed for a Question and Answer session with those of us in the audience.

My kids watch Arthur and I thought it was tastefully done. It may be helpful for anyone with young children in their life, whether it be their own, grandchildren, etc, to have them watch this episode. The producer for this series also said that some Public Broadcasting Channels throughout the country will show the same show everyday this week because of the importance.