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Had stage "0" breast cancer on my right side in June 2008. Had to have a mastectomy. Then decide for reconstruction in March 2009. Had left breast removed for this. First tried the tram flap, this failed during the surgery, so expanders were put in. Then 3 weeks later left one taken out due to infection. Then after months of not healing and infections, Had the right expander out. Doctors told me my body have a hard time healing. 4 surgerys in 5 months for the reconstruction, and nothing to show for it. I feel I am not a whole person without breast. has anyone else had to deal with this kind of problem. I am having a very hard time.


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    Im sorry that you have had such a difficult time and all the complications. I had a double mastectomy in June with expanders placed at the same time. I developed an infection in the left one and was very fortunate that they got it cleared. After my mastectomy, i felt very abnormal and like an alien or something because both breasts were gone. All i had were scars and i felt so ugly. Im going through the filling part right now and still have the expanders. I still dont feel good about myself sometimes, but know that one day things will be back there and hopefully look ok too. You have been through alot and things have been stalled for you. I couldnt imagine having all the infections that you have had. Just keep faith that one day soon, your body will heal enough and they will be able to fix things for you. It feels like it will be forever i know, but reality is it wont be. Try to keep positive and stay strong and tell yourself that you will beat all this. Its a long process and we all get aggravated and just want it to be over. Sometimes some of us have to go through more crap to get there. Keep us posted on how you are doing. Im praying for you.
    take care