reconstruction after Radiation

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I am having a bilateral mastectomy I will be doing chemo and radiation afterwards. I would like to do reconstruction. I would like to do expanders at the time of the mastectomy and then do implants after radiation with out doing any other proceedures. Has anyone else done implants after radiation without anything else?


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    I was told by my plastic surgeon that I couldn't have implants after my radiation because of scar tissue. I will be having a DIEP Flap in December. I also read that there was a greater chance of infections and rejections with implants. Check with your surgeon before you make your decision.
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    radiation and implants
    12 years ago I had radiation done on my right breast. In Aug 2009 I had a bilateral mastectomy. I had to find a plastic surgeon that was willing to do the implants for me, because of the radiation. I had the implants put in and did not need chemo, and couldn't do radiation again in the same area. Because of the radiation I have had some complications. At the time of the surgery my skin looked fine, but now is red and the healing is taking a little longer. My scar got so thick, it was pressing against my rib cage, so I had to have another surgery to remove the scar tissues. The healing is going slow, but it does look much better.
    I would really talk this over with a plastic surgeon and get a second opinion, most will tell you to wait until everything is healed...Good luck, you will be in my prayers and please keep in touch..Wanda
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    i have expanders in now..
    i have expanders in now.. placed in feb.. did chemo.. almost done with the 34 rad treatments.. will have implants place 2-3months after rad complete..

    you have to over stretch the skin to allow for shrinking.. so when your plastic fills them to the size you like.. have on additional fill to allow for the rad shrinking...

    there are some plastic surgeons who will do the exchange before radiation, but that can lead to uneven breast after radiation... and than additional surgeries to fix the unevenness..