Marcia 527 ... Did I read a posting that you - passed or have your driver's license ?

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I have been waiting to hear the good news, my friend .. I thought I read - ok color my chemo brain if not, that you drove with the window down, singing to the radio ?? I truly hope so .. otherwise, I might have to commit myself to the local loony bin ... Or did I dream this all up ?



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    You aren't dreaming. I
    You aren't dreaming. I posted on another thread that I drove with the windows down and cranked up the radio but don't remember which one it was. I think Mimi's roll call for the weekend. I've had my license for years, since I was 17 but I don't drive that much anymore. Once in a while it feels good to get behind the wheel. Like I actually have control. When do we ever have control really? sometimes I think it is an illusion.