do you get mouth sores with taxol

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hi everyone, i have 1 more of the chemo i am on now. then 1/2 way thru. then i start taxol,, these mouth sores are hard on you, just wondering if you still get them on taxol. god bless everyone


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    I got them when I was on
    I got them when I was on Taxol, I used Magic Mouthwash and that helped a lot. Watch what you eat, alot of foods and alcohol irritate them
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    I didn't get mouth sores on
    I didn't get mouth sores on taxol, however I had a lower dose treatment. Once a week three weeks on, one week off. So it was very tolerable. I hope you find it the same.
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    Mouth sores.......
    I was given a prescription mouth wash called NYSTATIN.....I used it regularly from the very beginning of chemo and never had any mouth sores.......