Long road to recovery

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I have been reading the discussion boards and benefit from your comments and experiences during the past 5 months. My husband finished 7 weeks of radiations and chemo at the end of August for his right tonsil cancer. It's been 2 months since his last treatment and he still has bad pain in the back of his throat. He hardly ate any soft food as the pain got worse after he tried any food, even the fresh apple/carrot juice.

The recovery is so much slower than we expected. I think we both are depressed, especially him. As a caregiver, I am not sure how much longer I can keep up the positive optimistic attitude. When will our life be normal again? even though I know the normal is not the old normal anymore.


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    You're Getting There
    Of course everyone is different, but I went through the very same or simlar thing. I just finished my treatments a few months ago (Jun18th)....

    I had been diagnosed with stage III SCC cancer (HPV derived) in my right tonsil, and a small tumor near my right ear. The tonsil was removed and the treatment was scheduled.

    I had Taxotere, Cisplaten and 5FU three sessions each three weeks long. The first Monday was the chemo (5FU from a pump for four days). Then hydration and Neulasta for bone marrow the 2nd Monday, all else was rest.

    After those sessions I had seven weeks with Carboplaten on Mondays, Amofostine injections in my stomach everyday followed with radiation M-F.....

    For me the radiation was the worst part of it all, especially the last two weeks and the following three weeks after. That was the hardest part cocnerning throat pain when swallowing. I dodn't have a PEG and didn't really need one. Though the period of radiation where I had the most problems I mainly survived off of water and Ensure Plus...needing pain solution just to drink those....

    Like your hubby, I had and still have occasionally (more so than not) some sort of throat discomfort. I've went to my ENT and he's scoped it, always saying primarily just inflammation and swelling (which he said I'll have for several months)....

    I have just started feeling better this last week or so. More energy and stamina, I'm starting to taste most things again, though a lot goes away fast. I'm actually starting to feel good and like my old self in many ways....just hang in there and both of you stay poitive and surrond yourself with positive people with positive expereince....

    It gets better, not daily, more like every few weeks. You'll notice that something is better, you feel better, you sleep a little better, something taste better than it did.....it jus takes a really long time.

    I had blood drawn the other day, and was sure my counts would be all normal again. But my RBC and WBC are still a little low (below normal), but platelets and HGB are normal again, as most everything else.
    We are here for you and you can ask anything you want when you need the support.

    God Bless and surround yourself with positive thinking people....

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    Takes at least one year and your will to get there.
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    long recovery
    My husband is 5 weeks out and I know what you mean by a long recovery. Rads and Chemo seem like nothing now. He is eating and drinking - soft foods- next week he will have his food tube pulled. I do have to say that my hub is a trooper and has really embraced this horrible experience for what it is and looks to the future. Thank God. Normal life??? It will probably be a little different, but maybe not so much. Hang in there. I refuse to let this get me down. We will survive and adjust.PK