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I'm new to the group. I had a lumpectomy in August with 2 nodes removed and more surgery in Sept. to clean margins and insert port. Stage 1 cancer. Start Chemo next week with Taxotere and Cytoxan. Anyone had this cocktail? Results?


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    Welcome calvertcrafts-

    Welcome to this discussion board. I have had a lumpectomy, followed by radiation, so I cannot respond to your question about the chemo. However, there are many very knowledgeable members who can answer your questions.

    I want to wish you the best in your treatment. Stop by often & let us know how everything is going. Hugs & prayers....
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    Just wanted to welcome you, and say hello.

    I had bilateral lumpectomies and sentinel node biopsies in June, and just finished Taxotere/Cytoxan chemo. My cancer was also stage 1, and I only had 4 rounds of chemo (and I have out and proud veins), so I didn't have a port.

    There are lots of other women on this board who have done (several who are currently doing) Taxotere/Cytoxan, so feel to ask any questions. Chemo is nowhere near as horrific as it used to be, or like you see in movies -- know that it's doable, and you will get through it.

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    Welcome CC
    I haven't made it to surgery yet, still doing Chemo. I am on Taxotere/Carboplatin. Herceptin to follow. Have only had a few of the typical side effects so far,(nausea,cramping,dry mouth,and the ugly "d" word-probably because of something I ate)the worst for me was the effects of the Neulasta shot for the WBC. I have a port & am now greatful that I do! I wasn't so thrilled with the idea at the beginning. The women here really helped me overcome my fears of it. I'm wondering....why didn't your surgeon clean the margins while they did the Lumpectomy?
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    Welcome, Calvertcrafts. I
    Welcome, Calvertcrafts. I just finished my chemo yesterday, same cocktail. I did not have a port and had no problems with getting veins the first time for the chemo or the weekly blood draws to check blood and platelet levels. I was one of the lucky ones and had very few side effects. I had more side effects from the Luenasta shot the day after chemo. Mainly, bone pain in my back and legs but I was able to control this with Tylenol every 6 hours. It's very doable and we're here with you to get through it. Best of luck!!
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    I finished Taxotere and Cytoxan 9 weeks ago...I was stage I and went to stage II on the table due to the size, alone....2.2cm NO lymph node involvement...thankfully!..Had a lumpectomy in now on #22 of 33 radiation treatments......

    I did NOT have a port, I had 4 infusions and I have good veins, but by the last infusion, they had just about had it! But have recovered nicely.. As I have said on this site, the first infusion is scary....fear of the unknown. I CAN ONLY SPEAK of my wasn't as bad as I feared.....IT's certainly no day at the beach......they have come such a long advice I can give......TAKE YOUR ANTINAUSEA medications regularly! I started mine the day before chemo and took them for 5 days..... I never had the first wave of nausea....DO NOT WAIT until you feel nauseated......easier to prevent it than get it under control if it starts....I also needed extra strength Immodium after the first infusion.....but did not have that problem with the last three......Chemo is rest as much as possible and drink, drink, drink! Most of the side effects can be controlled with medications......I had a hard time with my first Nuelasta injection.....5 days later.....terrific bone pain and muscle spasms, again controlled with prescribed pain meds...Never had that reaction with the following 3 injections.

    I wish you all the best.......You can do it.......and when you're finished......give yourself a big hug and say "JOB WELL DONE!"
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    Hi calvertcrafts
    I had my first chemo on Oct. 5 same drugs you're taking. I have to take a steroid pill the day before, day of, and day after. Then that wonderful leunasta shot the day after too. I was stomach achy mostly from the chemo, sleepless and headachy from the steroid and bone aches from leunasta, for 6 days it was like the flu. I didn't have neasea, but stomach cramps. It is managable. I get the 2nd round on the 26th. My lumpectomy is after chemo is done. I also have nodes involved. You'll do fine!