the ease and necessity of second opinions

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I know there are various factors influencing second/third/etc opinions. I think insurance (or lack of), location, comfort or discomfort with first opinion- that all of these issues do complicate and muddy up the picture.

But I need to put a plug in for second opinions! Personally I had to be led away from the colorectal surgeon in the cities- he couldn't even schedule my surgery for 6 weeks. I told him I had a second opinion at Mayo coming up in 4 days, he encouraged it. He also had to have known I would stay at Mayo- cripes, that to me in looking back was a no brainer. DUH One week later I not only was done with complete and thorough testing at Mayo, I was being operated on.

After it was said and done, one of the things I read that struck me as true, that colorectal surgeons are the ones to do this surgery. That they are the ones with the expertise in colons- not only that, but colon-rectal surgery is all they do. I read they are the ones to dig for and find the lymph nodes in that area, that general surgeons just don't have the expertise.

So second opinions!! And third and fourth! And don't be put off by the thought that it is too late for a second opinion, cause even big wonderful hospitals like Mayo can get you in and out, testing done and surgery scheduled quicker than most local hospitals can.


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    ... think I'm going to do that, and would love to go to Mayo as well, it sure can't hurt to try something else!