"Pink products" ... interesting article

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Just thought I would share something I read online regarding all of those products we see with the pink ribbons on them ...


I've wondered about how much companies actually donate to cancer research/treatment ...and this article give us all something to think about ...



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    Thanks Teena for the article info! I think people would be shocked sometimes to see how little some companies actually do contribute even though they make you think they do. There are some though that do put most of it back towards cancer, but, not all.

    Sue :)
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    its not just about the
    its not just about the donations... its about getting the word out there that this next to heart disease is top killer of woman. its about a sisterhood we all share. because I want to believe the more its in the public eye people can't forget... hopefully one day my 7 year old daughter won't have to have this fight...

    I understand its marketing ploy but we as consumers can't blame them... obviously it works.. or other companies won't follow suit...

    My family and I... participate in ACS relay for life... a wonderful event.. And The Woman's 5K walk where all the money goes to our local area for different programs for breast cancer woman...

    My feelings are your never going to change big business... so if your not into the pink ribbon ploy don't buy the products and give support your own way...

    I personally... feel blessed that our cancer is out there and people are made everyday to remember our fight... Unlike so many others who's fight goes unnoticed... (like two young woman I know who 1. passed away at 29 from a rare soft cell CA and another 22 with a 10month old baby who was just diagnosed with a rare soft cell CA)