Which hospital would you go at all cost?

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Hi all-
There's 3 weeks worth of drawback at John Hopkins' ENT department. Despite of its outstanding reputation, I've been told that there's no rush to have surgery (TT) and now my biopsy slide had not been checked by ENT doctor and also she had not contacted my Endo doctor. I can say that I'm very frustrated and I'm not going to be patient with the biopsy/cancer game. I'm about to blow up "This is my body! I'm going to get the best treatments at all cost!" and I would jump in Delta and whisk off to the best cancer treatment anywhere in USA. I refuse to worry about money anymore.

So hypoethetically (sp?) if you want to go back to square one, which hospital would you wish to go at all cost?


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    Baylor Medical in Dallas Texas. Just had a total thyroidectomy Sept 9th!!! The care was great!!!
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    My TT was done at my local
    My TT was done at my local university hospital by their very skilled staff surgeon. No complaints there and yes, it was scheduled about a month out.

    But not having your slides read for three weeks doesn't seem fair nor sensible.

    When my Ca came back I eventually ended up at the Mayo Clinic-Jacksonville. No delays there. I drive down early in the day, have lab work done first, then CT scans, then, a couple hours later the consultation with my oncologist. He has the lab and CT reports in hand and we discuss them. When that appointment is over I drive home.
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    MD Anderson Cancer Center in
    MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas. I've been gong there since 2000 and it's great. It's rated number 1 in the US.
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    virjinia said:

    MD Anderson Cancer Center in
    MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas. I've been gong there since 2000 and it's great. It's rated number 1 in the US.

    MD Anderson
    Yes, MD Anderson or Sloan Kettering. I just returned from MDA. My local endo and surgeon here were great, but I went for 2nd opinion and I can't say enough about what a great experience it was. Testing and appts. went smoothly and we were in and out in 5 days with answers to ALL of our questions! The hotels in the area have "medical rates" so all are usually under $100. Message me if you want more info.
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    if its not too late

    I vote for City of Hope in Duarte California. Top research and specializes.
    www.city of hope.com

    good luck
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    Johns Issues
    Hey! I was in the exact same position! I wanted to go to Johns Hopkins, but it turns out they weren't currently accepting my form of thyroid cancer. I ended up going to Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. My surgical oncologist, Dr. Lango was absolutely fabulous! My incision is healing nicely, she did no damage to the parathyroid, and she is just overall a very kind and confident woman. The entire staff at Fox Chase was wonderful. They did anything they could to try and comfort me. I am a nursing student, and the RNs there took extra interest in me. My night nurse, Ginger, sat in the chair next to my bed and read magazines with me. If I ever have an issue with cancer again, I won't go anywhere but there. Best of luck to you!!